Mike Cangemi

Producer – Director – Writer


MTV NETWORKS, Producer – December 2008 – Present

MTV Music, Series & Development
Field Producer, Co-Producer, Segment Producer for all Real World, Challenge & MTV Series Production Ancillary Specials (See show listing below)
Produced all field shoots/conducted cast member interviews
Produced/wrote all short form programming/skits for air during specials
Co-produced all studio shoots
Wrote questions for cast member interviews & hosts
Worked with head writer on script
Responsible for all show post production including storyline and packages

    MTV NETWORKS, October 2003 – August 2007

    MTV Music Series & Development, Segment Producer
    Segment/Field Produced all Real World, Road Rules and Challenge Specials
 (See show listing below)
    Interviewed cast members, co-wrote segments, post produced shows

    MTV Production List

    Fresh Meat II Reunion                                                                               May’10-Present
    The Real World DC: The S@!# They Should Have Shown                         Mar ‘10- May’10
    The Real World DC Reunion                                                                     Jan ’10-Mar’10
    The Ruins: The S@!# They Should Have Shown                                       Nov’09-Dec’09
    The Ruins Reunion                                                                                   Sept ’09-Nov ’09
    The Real World Cancun: The S@!# They Should Have Shown                  Aug ’09-Sept’09
    The Real World Cancun Reunion                                                              Jul ’09-Aug ’09
    The Duel II: The S@!# They Should Have Shown                                      May ’09-Jun’09
    The Duel II Reunion                                                                                  Apr’09-Present
    The Real World Brooklyn Reunion                                                            Feb ’09-Apr ’09
    Daddy’s Girl’s: Pastry Party                                                                      Dec ‘08- Feb’09
    The Real World Sydney Launch Special                                                   Jun’07-Jul’07
    Blazed and Confused: The Inferno 3 Wrap-up                                         May’07-Jun’07
    The Real World Denver: The S@!# They Should Have Shown                  Apr’07-May’07
    The Real World Denver Reunion                                                              Mar’07-Apr’07
    The Duel Ai’nt Over ‘Til The Reunion: Live                                               Jan’07-Feb’07
    Road Rules 2007:Viewer’s Revenge Launch Special                               Jan’07-Feb-07
    The Real World Denver: Mash-Up’s (MTV.com)                                       Dec’06-Jan’06
    The Real World’s Most Criminally Insane Moments (MTV.com)                Nov’06-Dec’06
    Beth’s Most Trouble-Makery Moments (MTV.com)                                   Oct’06-Nov’06
    Well Done: The Fresh Meat Reunion                                                       Sep’06-Oct’06
    Fun, Sun, & Now Totally Done: The Real World Key West Reunion         Aug’06-Sep’06
    The Real World Key West: The S@!# They Should Have Shown             Jul’06-Aug’06
    Real World’s Heart-Breakiest Break-Ups                                                 May’06-Jul’06
    New Challenge: Fresh Meat                                                                    Apr’06-May’06
    Meet The Meat (MTV.com Overdrive)                                                      Mar’06-Apr’06
    Shark Infested Waters: The Gauntlet 2 Reunion                                      Mar’06-Apr’06
    Coral’s Casting Couch: A First Look At The Real World Key West           Jan’06-Mar’06
    The Real World Austin: The S@!# They Should Have Shown                  Nov’05-Jan’06
    Tex, Hugs, & Rock N’ Roll: The Real World Austin Reunited                   Sep’05-Nov’05
    Rough Seas Ahead: The Gauntlet 2 Preview Special                              July’05-Sep’05
    To Hell and Back: Hot Gossip From The Inferno II                                   May’05-July’05
    The Real World Austin: 7 New Stars In The Lone Star State                    Mar’05-May’05
    Fistful Of Philly: The Real World Philadelphia Reunion                             Feb’05-Mar’05
    Battle Of The Sexes II Reunion: Secrets From Elimination Hill                 Dec’04-Jan’05
    MTV2 Playlistism                                                                                    Oct ’04-Dec’04
    He Says, She Says: The Battle For The Battle Of The Sexes 2               Sept’04-Oct’04
    Tips For Getting Into The Real World Philadelphia                                  July’04-Aug’04
    Real World San Diego: The  S@#! They Should Have Shown                 May’04-July’04
    2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion                       May’04-July’04
    Montezuma’s Revenge: Inferno Reunion Special                                    Mar’04-May’04
    Battle Scars: From The Gauntlet To The Inferno                                     Dec’03-Feb’04
    The Real World Paris Reunion: French Kissing & Telling                         Oct’03-Dec’03
    Showdown at the RW/RR Corral: The Gauntlet Launch Special            Aug ’03-Oct’03